UCI WC DH, a couple of questions..

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Just watched the replay of the La Bresse UCI WC .. a couple of things had me wondering what was going on, perhaps the DH crew on here can answer these 2 questions I have,,

Q1: What were the Marshalls cutting off from the drive side front forks of the bikes once the rider had completed his run?

Q2: Why did the Trek team have Yellow rider numbers attached to their bikes whilst all other riders plates were in white??

TIA 8) 8)


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    1. Timing beacons for the sectional times?

    2. Leaders plates? Trek currently have top male, top female and team lead (like yellow jersey in TDF)
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    + some other bikes.
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    cheers for the info.... now I know... 8) 8) 8) 8)

    much appreciated
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