Shamal ultra front spoke

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Does anybody know where I can get one of these? It's for a good mate and they appear to be hard to get a hold of!

Tried ribble, chicken cycles and JD whisker and none have or can get one before end of september start of october.

Part number is WH-105SHB.

Compatible with the euros 2 way fit and the Ti/gold spokes don't work with it apparently.


  • will struggle as Campag are on holidays until the 2nd week of september It is Italy remember.

    Best luck at I-ride or Mercian I would have a guess but I don't like your chances
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  • jonnym5
    jonnym5 Posts: 76
    Aye chicken have 4 coming in but 7 are sold! So next batch will be end of September when they get back to work :(

    Need to find somewhere that already has one in stock.
  • If they have 3 on back order you won't find one at a wholesaler in UK as everystore will have them on back order there too.

    Try looking at Italian or german internet sites. - you never know I have done this before and got lucky
    Racing is life - everything else is just waiting