ErgoPower / Ultrashift cables

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Hi folks - wonder if you can help me.

I'm moving components to a new (warranty supplied) frame and taking opportunity to change cables and bar tape while i am at it.

I have 2008 Campag Record 10sp groupset - so the older style (original?) ergo levers.

I have ordered the correct ergopower cables from wiggle (they have them at £25) - but on arrival this morning the pack is badges as:
"Ultra low friction cables and casings; for Ultra-shift Ergopower control levers"

These aren't the right ones are they?

they are labelled as CG-ER500 on the pack.

From looking around the web i think that the cable inners are the same specification - and the same nipple design - the only difference is that the cable outers for gear cables at 4.1mm diameter vs 4.5 mm. from what I have read these are the 'new' 10 & 11 speed compatible cables and the older ones are no loger available (except NOS if you can find it)

is this true? anyone know if these cables will fit my 10-sp Record without causing issue?

thanks in advance



  • gkerr4
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    hmm carrying on reading - this document: ... ic11-B.pdf

    on page 69 says that CG-ER500 is
    "casings and cables for all Ergopower control levers (except ultrashift)"

    am i worrying about nowt?
  • Monty Dog
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    New Ultrashift levers require narrower outer cables but you have no compatibility problems with the older shape levers - cables you have will work fine. FWIW your levers are the Mk2 shape.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    I recently changed mine - the same configuration as yours and they work just fine.
  • gkerr4
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    Cool - thanks guys.

    Actually the new frame (2011 s-works Roubaix) has internal cabling - I'm glad of the thinner cables which only just fit in the frame / cable stops! It's clearly designed for the shimano slr grey cables which think are thinner still - in fact I was tempted to use the shimano outers which came with the frame as they fit better still - think that would work?

    (aside from the fact that I'd have committed a crime by using shimano on a campag bik!)