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MTB water bottle and cage

Bob PertleweeBob Pertlewee Posts: 24
edited July 2011 in MTB buying advice
Can someone please recommend a decent water bottle and cage that will stand up to jumps, drop offs etc. I am fed up reaching for my bottle to find it has ejected!


  • paul20vpaul20v Posts: 267
    camelbak in your back pack .
  • snowden_88snowden_88 Posts: 174
    Camelbak Classic 2010. £21 from Wiggle. You cant go wrong there! ... pack-2010/
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  • paul20v wrote:
    camelbak in your back pack .

    Thanks Paul - very constructive. I have a camelbak, I want a bottle for quick thrashes around my local trail without wearing a backpack plus the option of taking an isotonic drink on longer rides.
  • VegeetaVegeeta Posts: 6,411
    I find you can't beat the Bontrager standard 6mm alloy cage and a SIS bottle... Or for something a bit more flash a RXL cage and Camelbak Podium bottle.
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  • TuckerUKTuckerUK Posts: 369
    Try the Tacx Tao Ultralight cage.
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  • ddraverddraver Posts: 24,064
    I ve got one of the cheaper elite plastic ones that I use with a standard SIS bottle, Not come out yet but I ve not tried it on anything properly gnarly, just XC courses....
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