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Brakes just fell off

joelsimjoelsim Posts: 7,552
edited August 2011 in Commuting chat
Went for a long ride with my son today, up to The Arsenal from Cobham. We did 30 miles in total on bikes and a bit on the train too.

But on the way back, just going through Richmond Park, and my front braked just fell off. Found some of the bits but not all.

I was using my old bike because I didn't want to leave my new one for several hours whilst I went to watch the match.


  • First.AspectFirst.Aspect Posts: 10,574
    Can I suggest that you take at least your son's bike to the LBS for a full service as soon as possible? Wouldn't want you thinking that it was okay just because nothing has fallen off it yet.
  • ConfusedboyConfusedboy Posts: 287
    Sounds as though it just disintegrated, and I cannot imagine anything that would do that to a brake mechanism. What did you do to it? Please let us know, because it is something I for one want to never ever to to my bike!
  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    For a minute, I thought the front fell off!
  • SimonAHSimonAH Posts: 3,730
    How the hell could that happen? Caliper brakes? Post get unscrewed?
    FCN 5 belt driven fixie for city bits
    CAADX 105 beastie for bumpy bits
    Litespeed L3 for Strava bits

    Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.
  • joelsimjoelsim Posts: 7,552
    Post got unscrewed. Exactly.

    Young 'un's bike is good (it was new, mine was nth hand).
  • That's re-assuring, a bit. I think I'd notice the whole thing being a bit wobbly if that happened to me, but, given your experience perhaps not, so I now know to give the brakes an occasional feel to see if they wobble. Thanks, you may have saved me an accident.
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