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Next bike or Frame

bwfc4eva868bwfc4eva868 Posts: 717
edited July 2011 in MTB buying advice
Well I have been back into riding mountain bikes for nearly 18 months now and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I try to get out for at least an hour everyday. And on proper days off go for a random blast.

Now I'm looking for a different bike or frame. Budget probably £500 quid max as i can transfer the good bits maybe from current Carrera Vulcan.

Now although the Carrera Vulcan is ideal and what I'm currently doing, its obviously a XC bike and the angles of the frame, are beginning to somewhat stop me from enjoying my descents.

Now I think i'm after a slacker feeling bike, with more emphasis on descending is what I'm after, and travel about 130 mm max would do.

Now what frames/complete bike should i be looking at?


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