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Upgrading from Compact to Std 39/53

Dave-MDave-M Posts: 206
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Right, I have a Quintana Roo Seduza with a FSA compact chainset. ... eduza.html

My local 10 mile TT course has 2 fast downhill sections and I have to roll them as my legs can't keep up! I'd bet the fast guys can get over 45mph down there.

Can I install this, and if so what tool do I need to do it myself? Will I need a new chain, or add chain liks? ... t_1184.htm

2010 Specialized Allez Elite
2009 Specialized Rockhopper
2009 Quintana Roo Seduza


  • schweizschweiz Posts: 1,644
    Save your money and learn to pedal faster!

    with 700x23C wheels/tyres

    to achieve 45 mph:

    50/11 = 125.6 rpm
    53/11 = 118.5 rpm
  • Dave-MDave-M Posts: 206
    I had a feeling this might be the answer, and it doesn't seem like much of a difference does it?

    I'd much rather push a bigger gear than spin like mad though..... it almost has me bouncing on my saddle! I don't know if this is because I am a 6 2 85 kilo person or not. It just does not feel right.

    ...maybe I'll see how it goes :?:
    2010 Specialized Allez Elite
    2009 Specialized Rockhopper
    2009 Quintana Roo Seduza
  • BG2000BG2000 Posts: 517
    Totally agree with schweiz

    Unless you're racing in the mountains, you'll only use a gear like 50 x 11 a small percentage of the time during a TT, so why invest in gears like that ?

    It's more important to have a nice even range of gear ratios so that you're riding at the optimum level at any given speed. You shouldn't have a jump of 2 teeth between the sprockets you use frequently, otherwise there's too big a jump between gears. If anything, you should be using downhills to recuperate a little.
  • schweizschweiz Posts: 1,644
    Anyway, to answer your question

    Yes you can do it yourself...

    Crank puller
    BB removal/installation tool for FSA BB
    BB removal/installation tool for Shimano BB (if different from FSA tool)
    Shimano BB bearing pre-tension tool
    Allen keys (but ideally a torque wrench and allen key bits)
    Chain tool
    Pedal spanner

    Also to buy:
    New chain
    New front derailleur cable (and end cap)

    But I wouldn't bother. As BG2000 says, I use long downhills to recover, get the bike as fast as you can go by pedalling and then concentrate on aerodynamics and riding line. At those kind of speeds pedalling won't make you faster.
  • Dave-MDave-M Posts: 206
    OK....then I won't buy anything.

    I was going to get a trip computer for the TT bike, is it worth getting one with a cadence bit, or just man up and PLF?
    2010 Specialized Allez Elite
    2009 Specialized Rockhopper
    2009 Quintana Roo Seduza
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 1,021
    MTFU! :lol:
    Ive gota 54T chain ring on my TT bike, but TBH, worrying about cadence is the least of your problems. use a HRM and just keep thowing gears at it.... i find i tend to spin at about 95 rpm..... and if i find i start to over rev, then i knock it down a gear and try and wind it up, then down again, etc.... thats how i get my best times. if i sit spinning in too high a gear, i find my pace drops and i could be puting more power down in a bigger gear and going faster at my naturally comfortable cadence.
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