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  • HeadhuunterHeadhuunter Posts: 6,494
    notsoblue wrote:
    I find rucksacks faaaar more comfortable and stable than panniers. I tried panniers for about a week and couldn't get used to the way it completeloy alters the feel of the bike, especially going round corners, I literally felt like the panniers were going to pull me over. Rucksacks are far better...

    I couldn't do my weekly shop with a rucksack on my road bike. Its easy on my slow bike with ortliebs.... Also, if you're wearing a jacket or a shirt, its pretty uncomfortable to wear a rucksack whilst on the bike. Horses for courses, ent?

    I do the weekly shop with my rucksack. I've got a 50 litre job and do 2 trips down to Lewisham market. The rucksack gets very heavy but I prefer it to panniers... I never really cycle in non cycling gear... Only very occasionally if I'm riding from work to a bar to meet some people, but it'll only ever be a mile down the road. Any more and I change into my bike gear and just wear that at the bar... My friends are used to me turning up in slightly sweaty cycling gear and they love me for it... :wink:
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  • Right, I'm going to come out and say that when I was in France last year, I hired a bike with a basket on the front and back and loved it. I loved going to the Supermarket and loading up with bread, wine and cheese and riding back. The freedom of the basket was amazing. What's more, nobody cared that I had a basket on my bike, because everyone did.

    I would love to live in a world where I could have a basket on my bike and go shopping, but in this country, I'd be laughed at without mercy. Even I would laugh at me without mercy.
  • clarkey catclarkey cat Posts: 3,641
    Right, I'm going to come out and say that when I was in France last year, I hired a bike with a basket on the front and back and loved it.

  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    nation wrote:
    The commuter I'm building has a rack and will have mudguards. I'd fit a chainguard as well if I could find anywhere that sells them. I'm not sure I'd want fixed lights given that decent lights are a theft magnet, I'd rather have take them with me when I lock up.

    I had no idea that reflective tyres were even a thing.

    I'll still use the road bike and courier bag on nice days, though.
    SKS Chainboard - very good, I have one on my commuter.

    I also have Michelin World Tour tyres that have reflective sidewalls on some models.

    I was inspired by a trip to NL to get this commuter/pub bike for the city, I got a Kona Smoke from Rutland Cycles for £199 (steel frame, mudguards included. Rutland bought all the remaining stocks of this discontinued model). It is all black and I put tape over all the Kona logos to make it more unattractive. I fitted a rack and "Dutch" style panniers that are permanently fixed to the bike. I also have an elastic strap over the rack like dutch bikes have. I fitted a kick stand. I plan to get a dynamo hub front wheel at some stage. I can carry vast amounts from the supermarket. My g/f has one and has a basket fitted. I was going to have a basket too (no qualms at all!) but haven't got around to buying one yet.

    The bikes have been brilliant for their intended use and they are incredibly versatile. When I ride my Planet-X SL Pro at the weekends it feels even lighter and faster than before!

    His 'n Hers:
    kona.jpg (changed the tyres for the Michelins since this photo)
  • Right, I'm going to come out and say that when I was in France last year, I hired a bike with a basket on the front and back and loved it.


    Thanks, Clarkey. I'm going to keep reaching for that rainbow.
  • roger_merrimanroger_merriman Posts: 6,148
    notsoblue wrote:
    notsoblue wrote:
    The article is pretty interesting though, and I agree with most of it. It really is a joy to pootle around on a town bike when you're not in a hurry. Bit disappointed that he still puts in a few digs about lycra wearers on light bikes who ride fast. He even implies that your choice of clothing and steed determines how law abiding you are.

    i used to have a big hybrid that was set up much like that, the problem is you can only really go slow, and going fast, becomes hot and sweaty and uncomfortable very quickly.

    This is why you need more than one bike ;) Ideally I'd have three, carbon roadie, fast tourer and town bike.

    One of things I like about having one though is you can blast though the Surrey lanes, on way back potter though the park with a icecream in hand and after meeting wife in her lunch hour pick up stuff for supper, and ride home.
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