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New Bike for LEJOG

drummer iandrummer ian Posts: 165
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hi guys,

Used this form several years ago for some advice with my mtb buying and have so far had many great years of riding from it! I am now also looking to getting a road bike of some variety so was hoping for some advice on this.

A friend and I are attempting our first LEJOG (lands end - john o'groats) in a months time and I feel i should buy a bike soon in order to get used to riding it before the big event! I currently ride a carrera fury for my MTB which i love, and have a random parts build mtb with slicks that I use for my commuter. I do alot of riding and have decided i want something with 700c wheels anyway for after LEJOG for a slightly faster commuter bike, my question is do i want a road or hybrid style bike?

We are doing the ride unsupported and will probably be camping light so ideally I will need pannier racks, although i am not fussed on making my own should this be required. My friend has just brought a Carrera TDK (the yellow one)?? to do the ride and I will be looking into something similar.

Don't mind second hand at all and I do all my own repairs. I am thinking the budget is around £400 and then will be spending £100-£200 on panniers and other such required bits and bobs i think of (lightweight tent). (any savings will probably go on better gear that will last a long time)

Any advice you guys have on this would be great!




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