Mavic race / Race ti pedal black plastic top plate

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Have a set of these pedals and the left side has developed a rattle when clipped in, so replaced the cleat and the rattle is still there, so have narrowed it down to the top plate that has worn right down, probably from clipping out at lights. There is no play in the bearings at all, so am wanting to try a replacement.

Anyone know if you can buy them? Looked on Mavic site and nothing there, plus tried to find the UK distributor without much luck.

Any ideas would be great.



  • speedy119
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    The body plate is available to order from your local Mavic retailer- most bike shops in the UK have an account with them.

    The part number is 105 522 01 :D
  • mcrdave
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    Thanks Speedy (living up to your name!)

    That's really helpful cheers.
  • mcrdave
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    Ordered from Evans.

    Even though when I was in on Saturday they said they couldn't get them,
    Part number was a big help.