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Ok felt a bit of an idiot today after falling off a few times whilst busy trying to clip in, only had the bike for a day and only been cycling since January, but is there a dark art in clipping in. Seems that my pedal is always upside down and was a bit of a pain to get the left in place.
Any advice?


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    from memory with the keo's they always hang downwards rather than being upside down, so you just need to catch the front of it with your shoe and spin it round the right way. get your toe end of the cleat hooked in first and then push down with the heal. i'd make sure the left is on a pretty loose tension until your used to it. this is the foot im assuming you put down when you stop, so will want this looser than the right hand pedal.

    you'll get the hang of it eventually just takes practice.
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    Just bring your cleat across the pedals, which as said, do hang down. I suggest trying to do it by feel without looking down, as imo this makes it easier.
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    Well, it's easier if the pedals are facing down a bit like at an angle / <- like that. So you can flip them up with your toe and then clip in in one fluid motion after a bit of practice :D
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    Yeah I've got them and had the same issue.
    If they have the option, loosen the spring off as much as possible while you're getting used to them. Make is easier to 'emergence eject' if you feel like you will fall, also requires less pressure to clip in.

    As everyone is saying, find the 'hook' point of your cleat's toe end and take your time to flip the pedal into place. I found the more I rushed (at lights, crossings Etc.) the less successful I was.

    A bit more practice & it will come to you.
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  • the_spooks
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    Thanks guys Im sure I will crack this, although I hope I crack it before I damage my bike or myself lol.