Advice on Changing Campag Cassette

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I am in the process of buying a Bianchi Centostrade from the www that comes with a 12-25 veloce cassette. Since I'm not very good with hills, I want to change this to a 13-29 cassette. If I replace this cassette, will I have to change anything else i.e. chain or rear derailleur? I believe that the Bianchi comes with a short veloce derailleur, and the chain will be new like the bike.

Any advice appreciated.



  • Berk Bonebonce
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    The Campag literature says that you need a Campag medium cage if you use a 13-29t cassette. However, plenty of others claim that you can get away with using a short cage rear mech with a 13-29.

    A new chain and some judicious setting of chain length might be required. Have a look on the Park Tool website for help in the sections 'Rear Mech' and 'Chain Length'.
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    I've used 13-29 with my Chorus short RD with same chain length as 13-26 but you absolutely cannot use big front chain ring with the 29T sprocket. I just made the change for really hilly sportives and then went back to 13-26 for everyday use.