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First ever bike build, Focus Mares cross bike. Bought most bits on Ebay etc.. think I have made my first duff purchase. On the back of the down tube, about an inch from the bottom bracket there is a single threaded hole(same as bottle cage) with a round washer. What is it for? Mudguard?
I presumed it was for a braze on front mech, wrongly I think. I'll have to sell the braze on and buy a clamp one. Grrrrr



  • cat69uk
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    Does not matter, found a blown up photo on Wiggle, the front mech cable goes round it! Well back to Ebay to sell mech which only came today!
  • keef66
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    You mean down tube or seat tube??

    Down tube makes no sense. Ah; found an image. I'm assuming by washer you mean pulley?

    Looks like a pulley so you can operate a downpull mech with a cable routed along the top tube then down the seat tube.

    Alles klar!
  • cat69uk
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    Cheers Keef, yep meant seat tube, and yes it is a pulley. I'm a numpty!