removing pedals and then cranks...ooops!

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kona jake 09 with fsa omega triple chainset.

tried to change pedals but completely stuck,lost my temper and attacked them with a pipe wrench, tightened instead of loosened,so thought i'd remove crankarm and change those,rounded allen grub screws,hmmmmmm,thought i'd drill the grubs out,hmmmmm,drill burns out on grub but cuts nicely through crank arm :oops:

although both pedals are stuffed i only screwed up 1 crank arm,can i ,or get someone else to :roll: ,remove the good crank arm bb etc...,bin the lot and get a new chainset?

i know,i know :(
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    put the tools down and pay someone to do the work it will be cheaper.
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    nicklouse wrote:
    put the tools down and pay someone to do the work it will be cheaper.

    No - do not do this.

    It's a learning curve: you have funked up but its not exactly big time (ie you haven't cut through your new Dogma frame): you have learnt a lesson and you won't do it again.

    The only way you get to know how to do something is by doing it - sometimes you funk it up, sometiomes you don't.

    In this case,. take it to the bike shop and ask them to sort it out. If you get on well with them, you can ask them if you can make them coffee while they do it and you watch so that you can learn.

    Alternatively, some places have open workshops where you can turn up/rent space in a workshop alongside other same minded people: if you get stuck you can always ask someone to help you.

    Think through what went wrong and how you won't do it again. It sounds like you have learnt your lesson anyway.

    It also sounds like you lost patience: don't do this (same as tired or drunk mechaniching: its always seems like a good idea at the time but it never is) - if it starts to go wrong, put the tools down, go and kick the cat and throw the wife into next door's garden before coming back later to do the job properly.

    To repair what you've done: 1/2 hour job for the shop and a couple of hundred quid for new parts. No biggie - don't worry about it, we've all done worse (now, where's my missing mine - I'm sure it was here 5 minutes ago .......)
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    ?? Puzzled by that response Yossie??

    You seem to be saying "don't pay someone else to fix the bike" but that the OP should take the bike to his LBS and get them to fix it (and then pay for the work)??

    I must admit I think having a go to start with was a good thing but the advice offered by nicklouse is spot on. Give up on this particular job now, get it all sorted professionally and learn from the experience (which doesn't mean don't do the job yourself next time).

    ps. I am not sure I could throw my wife into my garden let alone next door's; her wedding dress seems to have shrunk quite a bit over the years :wink:
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    I'm saying that he, at the moment, with all due repsect, doesn't seem to be able to do/understand the job: unless he can get someone who has the tools and ability to do it properly to show him for nothing, then the LBS it is. And unless he knows them well enough then he will have to pay (financially or otherwise - I shall leave this up to him to negotiate).

    Agree on getting it all sorted professionally, but use it as a learning thingy. Curve. Experience. That sort of thing.

    Re your "small problem" - catapult? Now that would be cool. Like dwarf throwing, but funnier.
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    Aha, good stuff.

    Re your "small problem" - catapult? Now that would be cool. Like dwarf throwing, but funnier.

    Yepp, that would make me smile. I'll give it a go and let you know how I got on in the "people who now have a medical injury caused by an unexpected blow to the nether regions " forum :)
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    nicklouse wrote:
    You have learnt a lesson and you won't do it again.
    Why did this not work with the women in my life?
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    Not sure where you are but from a thread posted today (somethingtod o with a Peugeot Ellipse/Eclipse/thingy:

    I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to bike maintenance or repairs, and everything I have learned I've got from tinkering or reading on the internet and trying for myself. For what I want to do, I'm probably going to need more tools and grease than I can afford, so I'm going to become a member at my local bike shop, which apparently gives you access to their workshop (Micycle in Islington, if we're allowed to name names here!).

    Maybe your LBS has the same?