Chainset swap question

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Hi all
I have a triple chainset on my road bike and want to convert to a compact double.
The rear cassette is 9spd and the Tiagra sti shifters are for a triple up front (naturally!) and 9spd at the rear.
Couple of questions:
1. Would it be possible to swap the front chainset?
2. What would be the highest ratio for a road cassette? i.e 11 - 30? or could i fit a MTB cassette? (its very hilly where i live)
3. Would my front changer be ok with a double?
I want to change because the triple is pig ugly & very heavy
Cheers all


  • Monty Dog
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    1. Swapping chainset? no problem

    2. The biggest rear sprocket your rear mech is designed to cope with is 28 - it's unlikely a 30 would work as it would clash with the top jockey wheel. For bigger, you'll need an MTB rear mech.

    3. Your front mech should be OK
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..