Confused....need recommendations for some new bars.

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I like the bars that came stock on my Scott Cr1. They are branded as Scott's own "Drop Anatomic". Well, I say like; I like the position in the drops - falls perfectly into my hands. I feel, however, that they extend forward too far to be comfortable on the hoods. If I move the shifters back so that they are comfy the levers are pointing too high to be reachable from the drops. I don't believe stem length is the issue as reach to the flats and drops feels perfect, and I feel that if I did shorten the stem then I might be in danger of catching my knees on the ends of the bars. having said that, I reckon I only need the hoods about 2cm back and my stem is longish at 120mm. Any ideas or suggestions of bars without so much forward `sweep`? Budget is reasonably limited, but I want the bars to be at least as decent quality as the Scott ones.


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    I should add, the comment about catching my knees would apply to when riding out of the saddle!
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    Decent test of bar-stem combinations in the latest C+ ....
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    Look at 'compact' style bars which tend to be about 1-2cm shorter in terms of forward 'throw' from the tops to the front of the bars. Measure your current bars and then compare with geometry for the likes of FSA, Ritchey and the like.
    Certainly being aware that reducing stem length can be a problem with your knees hitting the bars is important as it can create all sorts of handling problems! I'm very close in terms of my TT set-up and have skinned my knees on the bar of the arm pads!
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Thanks for the advice, I'll get the tape measure out and check out some specs!