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Hi, I've just bought a 52cm Kinesis Kic 2 compact frame road bike and I am a bit concerned if I have bought the correct size. I am 5' 10" with a 30" inside leg and normally ride a 55 cm traditional geometry 853 steel framed bike which I find comfortable. The Kinesis also feels comfortable but when comparing them side by side the Kinesis looks tiny. When I ride it and when I have seen photo's of me riding it I feel as though it looks too small. Do you think it is probably too small or is it all in my head. Any opinions, advice or suggestions would be most welcome. Cheers Ian.


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    If it feels comfortable it's probably about right.

    I had a Boardman Alu with a straight top tube and changed to a Planet X SL Pro. The frame is tiny compared to the Boardman - it reminded me of a BMX!

    However, it's very comfortable and although compact frames are a little love/hate I really like the PX and would definitely buy another.
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    You want to compare effective or horizontal top tubes for compact frames and standard geometry frames as thats a more comparable idea of the sizing difference between them.

    But as said if you can find a comfy position on the bike and it suits your needs then don't worry about it :)
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    I think 52cm is he smallest of the six frame sizes available. As you're 5' 10" it sounds as if it could be too small to me.