Castelli Nanoflex or Sportful No Rain - Are they worth it??

Sammyw23 Posts: 627
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Anyone using these water repellent arm/leg warmers?

Are they worth the extra money over standard warmers which are pretty much half the price? If they are good quality and do repel water then I can see a benefit.
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  • brin
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    Why would you want to buy 'water repellent' arm warmers? Arm warmers are for - well - keeping your arms warm on chilly mornings/evenings?
    If you want something 'water repellent' surely a rain jacket would be better? After all why keep your arms dry when the rest of your torso is wet?
  • paggnr
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    I use the nano flex leg and arms and they work well for the misty and foggy mornings when the wetness settles on you. It just beads away and doesn't soak in.
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  • Monty Dog
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    I have a pair of Nanoflex shorts - very impressed the first time I rode them in the rain. Certanly planning to get some arm and leg warmers for the CX season.
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  • colsoop
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    I normally just buy a water treatment product to add some water repellence to clothes.
    Something like Nik wax. it doesn't last forever but it does add some waterproofing, you can see the water bead off.