Best Spanner for Miche Fixed Cog Lock Ring

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Hey everyone, another specific 'what tool' thread :)

I've read some funny things about some of these spanners being basically useless as they just slip off. So my choices as far as I can tell are the Park tool HCW5 (about £15) the Hozan C205 (£26) or the Shimano TL SR 22 (£30 but with intergrated chainwhip). Also noticed a very funky looking Pedros Fixie specific multi tool which looks nice at about £20.

Mainly, please can anyone confirm any of them will be a good for for a Miche lock ring (for securing fixed cogs not the bottom bracket)?

The Park Tool is the current favorite as it's the cheapest, and on one side has three contact points. I can see myself mashing up my lock ring with only one point of conact (like the other two have). The Hozan and Shimano ones are supposed to be proper solid though.

Passing question as you're here -

What's a good solid 1/8 fixed cog to go for which'll fit onto Miche hub threading? For about £10 the miche track (interchangable) fixed cogs are looking like my favorite at the moment, but I hear they develop a but of play after a bit of use, which isn't so good as it's going to be used everyday.

Many thanks!


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    I'm such a fucking hero of a man I just use my hands.
    I've have one of those miche cogs on my bike for about a year and its never wobbled but my dog died a few weeks back, coincidence? I'm not so sure
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    Shimano. That's it. Unless you can find the Hozan lockring pliers. The Shimano one is the norm. as it's a weighty tough bit of kit. Don't mMiche have a special fitting as opposed to the normal screw type ie they use a threaded carrier for the sprocket.
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    Yup, Miche uses a separate splined carrier which screws onto the hub. The sprocket slides on and then you use the lockring to secure. Some lockrings are quite soft and deform easily if overtightened - a good quality lockring and a tool with hardened tips that can be applied firmly are key. Most slippage and gashed knuckles is due to lockings made from cheese or mangled because someone used a hammer and screwdriver previously..
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