So... How do you work one of these?

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It may sound stupid, but I'm making the move from MTB to road bikes and would like to know first hand if there's any special way to ride a road bike or anything you need to bear in mind when doing so. Thanks in advance!


  • Roadies will take some getting used to as the positioning and feel is so much different. However you'll quickly become confident as gliding around on a roadie is so much fun the first times!

    When you get it you may want to sit on it whilst on a turbo trainer or just holding onto a fence or wall -practice clipping in and unclipping if you haven't done this before to learn where the centre of your foot is.

    Apart from this, remembering how the shifters work doesn't take long to master.

    Oh, and remember to resist the urge to try any jumps you see!!!

    Hope this helps!
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    Brilliant, thanks for the help. Can I buy the shows before I get the bike (is there a global shoe) or will it depend on the bike? What's the best cheap shoe to get (Funds are very limited haha)?
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    Depending on the price of the bike it may not come with pedals. There appear to be 2 main types, spd and spd sl. You buy shoes which fit the type of pedals you buy.

    My shoes are shimano r087they have fittings for both pedal types.

    I just got my first road bike, yet to ride it but I have sar in door way clipping in n out.
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    Just started back on the road after 15 years mountain biking. As has been said I found the position weird for a while but what I found hardest to get used to was the brakes. I kept going to grab them and they're weren't there cos I wasn't down on the lower part of the bars. Last time I had a road bike it had 2 sets of levers.
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    The position generally comes a bit unnaturally to some riders, as its much more of a racing position compared to a MTB. A few rides should sort that!

    The gears can be sometimes weird to master as well, as even I am still struggling a few months after getting a road bike. I always forget which way shifts up or down. Quick and easy fix though!
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    I didnt find the clips too hard to get used to, I adjusted the release resistance to it's lowest so it's easier to get out of.

    The strangest thing for me changing from MTB's to road was the thinkness of the tyres! Makes the steering much more sharper and you will want to avoid bumps in the road no matter how small!
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    MikeyO wrote:
    if there's any special way to ride a road bike

    Forwards? :wink:

    Seriosuly, you may find a road bike more "twitchy" in it's handling, so take it easy for your first couple of rides, especially cornering.
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    Thanks for all the help, will definitely come in handy. My bike arrived today (at work) so I'm itching to get riding... It's such a tease sitting in a box behind me!
  • What bike did you get ?
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