Upgrading a 7 Speed Cassette

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Dear All
My first post - have a Dawes Galaxy circa '82 now with 700c x 28 wheels and a 7 speed cassette. Ideally I'd love to upgrade this to a 9 / 10 speed cassette - speaking to LBS's I now understand that would mean pretty much replacing total groupset so back to the drawing board - I'll settle for replacing current 7 sp cassette however would like to match this with 23mm rims :-
- Can you get 23mm rim wheels that'll take a 7 sp cassette - cant find any?
- Is it possible to rebuild around current hubs to take 23mm rims?
- What's feasible? Wwhat do I need to take into account?

All new to me folks would appreciate any advice.
ZZVelo : :wink:


  • ChrisSA
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    A new rear wheel with a freehub, mated to a 7speed cassette. You will need a 7spd spacer behind the cassette on a 8/9/10 speed freehub.

    This is what I did. Then I upgraded to 10 speed shifters/chain/cassette.
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    Many Thanks - like the option of future upgrades. Not mentioned by LBS - I guess they saw the sales opportunity! :D