Ribble Sportive Racing/Bianco or Focus Cayo 105?

martylaa Posts: 147
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Ribbles look good but a Focus Cayo 105 for £880 is a steal yes?
Which would you have?


  • ShutUpLegs
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    How much is the Wibble and whats the spec?
  • Wacky Racer
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    The Cayo for £880 is definitely a real steal, yes! I don't know anything about the Ribble bikes, but I have ridden a Cayo 105 and it's a great bike for the full price let alone a discount like that, loads of people on here have got them, and it's available in compact and triple.
    Ridley Orion
  • solboy
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    The Cayo wont be available on the Wiggle 30 day test ride (see the Ts and Cs) and for me this was always one of the benifits of buying from Wiggle. I have ridden a Cayo and agree they are good bikes. I think the 2.0 Cayo is also really good as the DT swiss wheels are handbuild and have really smooth hubs.

    Dont know about ribble. The bikes look nice but the horror stories about customer service has always put me off plus i can never work out what size i need from their charts.