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I have a trek 1000 road

Brought second hand from eBay and happy with the bike for the price, i do get out most nights and weekends
When i picked up the bike there was only one flaw that i could see this was the outer chainring (52) had a couple of ground teeth and could do with replacing in time.

yay the time has come to replace, however i am at a loss the chain set is a srsuntour superbe comp having looked through the internet i have found that i am unable to find if another outer ring will be suitable as there seems to be a shortage of the suntour road range.

Does anybody out there have any ideas that may help



  • ian_s
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    Are you sure its wear? Chainrings often have a couple of teeth in a different profile to aid shifting.
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    Hmmm am i going to look stupid if it is, :oops:

    Will check when i get home, but from memory they seem to be concentrated opposite the pedal and considerably lower than the other teeth as though they have ground down.

    Hope this assists
  • racingcondor
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    You don't have to replace it with another SunTour chainring.

    What you need to know is if it is a 135 or 130 BCD (standard or compact) sized spider then you can buy pretty much anything of the same dimensions to replace it (beware, some options will look horrible).

    Do you know how many teeth your inner ring has? If it's a 52-39 set then I'd bet it's a standard double but if the inner ring is smaller you could have a compact.

    Here are a few options -

    I'm sure others will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Stronglight are well regarded for 3rd party options.
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    This feature is quite common with chainrings to aid shifting and I doubt is nothing to do with damage - it's a fairly common question.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Thanks for the info will start to look at this

    The middle chainring is a 42 should have possibly included this earlier