Lateral movement in rear wheel

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I've had a noise for the last few rides. It took a long time relise it was coming from the rear wheel. When you grab the rim and move it side to side it has what I would say is a more than normal amount of movement and you can hear the clicking/crunching noise. A friend said it was the bearings which needed to be replaced.
The wheel is a Pro-lite braccia and has 2 bearings in the main body, and 3 in the free hub one of which is an angular bearing.
My first question is, is it likely that all the bearings will need to be replaced?

After a little playing around I managed to get one of the bearings out of the main body but I struggled to do the rest, not wanting to damage anything I stopped. How difficult is it to replace all the bearings or should I just ge the bike shop to do it?


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    The bearings in the freehub are irrelevant to movement at the rim; you usually have to remove a freehub from the wheel to get at the drive side hub bearing. Once the freehub's off, just check / replace the 2 hub bearings.
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    search on planet x model b bearings - useful thread which will provide some answers. I think they are very similar wheels