Upgrading Forks - Need Help

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I built my first road bike two years ago for a Triathlon I was entered for. I built it mostly from parts bought from the classified threads here on Bike Radar. So i thought it would be only right to come here for advice on upgrading it.

I am starting to look in to replacing the forks but don't have much experience with them as the frame and forks came already fitted when i built my bike. I am looking to upgrade to some carbon to help lighten the overall weight and reduce the road noise.

I have looked on wiggle, chain reaction, ebay and here but don't really know what i am looking for/at. I don't know if second hand carbon is a safe bet as i imagine that damage is not always visible with a carbon fork.

So i have placed below the specs of my bike and the measurement of my existing forks. I would greatly appreciate any advice on buying i.e. size shape material brand model.

I am looking to spend between £150 - £300

Hope you guys can help.

Current Fork rake 45mm
Current steerer length 22.5mm
steerer diameter 1 1/8

Frame: Scott Speedster 6
Group Set: 105
Wheels: Fulcrum 5s


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    I presume your steerer length is a mistake and it should read 22.5cm?

    Forks are pretty tough, so if buying used anything that looks clean, no scuffs, scrapes and a nice clear gel-coat has probably been well looked-after and worthy of many more miles.

    I'd never pay more than half RRP for a used fork either.

    Most road forks ar 43mm offset but you shouldn't notice much difference from your 45mm ones. If you stick to brands like Deda, Columbus, Easton and the like you shouldn't go far wrong. Also look on ebay - e.g. Trigon are a quality brand from Taiwan.
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    possible replacements on here, reasonably cheap as well
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    I have managed to pick up some c'dale slice premium from ebay which look in good condition.

    I am thinking of fitting them my self but need some more advice on compression plugs are they all the same or are there features i need to look for.

    also any general tips to keep in mind when fitting forks would be good.

    Thanks for all the above advise it was v welcome.