Shimano Compatibility

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can anyone tell me whether Ultegra 6700 OR Dur Cae 7900 levers are compatible with a 7700 rear mech please ? (ie for use ona 10 speed cassette ?).

I know the 7700 rear mech will work with a Shaimano 10 speed cassette but want to know whether it will with the aforementioned Shimano levers


  • satanas
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    Yes, it's the front that is different with 6700/7900, not the rear. Just don't try to use 740x, as that definitely won't work.
  • Thanks - so BOTH 6700 AND 7900 will work with a 7700GS rear.

    Now.................will the 6700/7900 front lever work with a Chorus CT QS front mech - or am I asking too much ?
  • lucasf09
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    As far as I'm aware any front shifter should work with any crankset, as long as you use the correct deraileur. As long as you use doubles with doubles and triples with triples (some triples will work with doubles (definitely bot the other way round though) and match, but sticking to the same number of clicks is easiest).
    What suffers with mix and match drivetrains is shifting speed, but the is more down to the chain than the shifters
  • Hi - thanks

    I'm more bothered about whether 6700/7900 shifters will work with the Campag Chorus QS CT front mech.
  • lucasf09
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    Sorry, miss read the message. I'm pretty sure it won't work too well, the pull ratios are different between shimano sram and campag, so their shifters and mechs tend to be non compatible. However some people say mechs are "dumb" and just do whatever the shifters do tell them to do, so it might just work.
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    Rear mech pull ratios are different between Shimano, SRAM & Campag, front mech is fine
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    andy_wrx wrote:
    Rear mech pull ratios are different between Shimano, SRAM & Campag, front mech is fine

    I thought Shimano and Sram have the same pull ratios on road bikes(I believe it's different on MTB)?
  • andy_wrx
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    No, very different pull ratios.
    Cog spacing and spline patterns are the same so cassettes are interchangeable, but rear mechs & shifters aren't
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    Using an STI to drive a Campagnolo QS front mech is going to be tricky and the only real answer is to try it.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..