What do you think of this selection??

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HI all,

I'm turning 30 a couple of weeks and have been told that I am getting a new bike of my choice...sounds amazing, but there is too much choice and now I'm just completely confused and having a bit of a battle in my head as to whether I can justify it on a bike, or if I should get something more centimental like a watch, or maybe even take the family on holiday?!!

Any views on this selection of kit would be greatly appreciated as Im just feeling pretty lost at the moment:

Frame - BMC Team Machine SLR01

Wheels - Mavic Ksyrium SL 2011

Chainset - FSA SL-K Double

Groupset - I already have the parts for 10-sp Dura Ace

Saddle - Specialized Toupe Pro

Pedals - I already have Time RXS Ulteam Ti Carbon pedals

Already have bar, stem and brakes.

I'm thinking maybe I could save £500 and go for the BMC Race Machine RM01 instead of the Team Machine, but the more pricey one is cooler!

Any views / advice?


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