Giant Defy 3 2010 Upgrades? How?

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Just snagged a new Giant Defy 3 off eBay for £400, want to upgrade a few bits on there such as wheels and groupset to Tiagra. Question is which way should I go first? Cannot afford to do groupset in one go so which partssgod I change first, I wad thinking change out derailier front rear then maybe shivered, or should I upgrade the wheels first?


  • thecrofter
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    Accepted wisdom on here would suggest change the wheels first. I've had one of these for 18 months and the gears/groupset are very slick, I haven't even considered changing them. My next bit if tinkering will be long as the missus doesn't find out.
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  • topdude
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    No point changing mechs unless they are worn as there is little or no noticable improvement other than looks.
    Fit some decent tyres if it still has the stock tyres on, then ride it for a few hundred miles before you start changing (upgrading) things :wink:
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    But if it is brand new then possibly there is some mileage in flogging the Sora (?) whilst it is still new??

    No point riding for a few hundred miles before upgrading - few thousand more like.
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    I had a defy 4 as my first bike, which I gave to my brother so he could start riding.
    First thing he did was change the wheels and tyres. It rides like a different bike and looks good!!!

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    Groupset can come later (on a new bike!!! :wink:)
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