"Spinning nuts" - How to fully tighten chain ring

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Hey everyone, this is probably a very basic question but I can't seem to figure it out. How does one fully tighten their chain ring bolts when the nut on the inside just spinds around?

So... How do you obtain suficent purchase on your nuts? ...If you don't mind my asking.


  • WisePranker
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    On my bike you just use an allen key on each side. Never been a problem!
  • explosifpete
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    you can get a special

    or just a screwdriver.
    unless your talking about your nuts in which case see a doctor[/u]
  • keef66
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    ^ wot he said. You need one of those little gadgets really. IME screwdrivers are never very satisfactory unless you have the thing off the bike and secured in a vice.
  • Cleat Eastwood
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    i use an allen key and and a flat head screw driver.
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  • White Line
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    I think some are a little larger (longer) than others. Perhaps if you had smaller ones the you could tighten them fully. Sort of as if the long ones are "bottoming out".
  • Thanks guys, in my case a very simple answer. Nut wrench. :) Looks exactly like what I need.

    I tried a screwdriver but I've always struggled to get stuff done using a slightly wrong tool to try and make do - and usually break or damage either the tool and/or what I'm trying to fix, so I'm going through a "do it properly" phase at the moment. But getting the tools as I need them.