Trek 1.2 Triple 2011 Vs Specialized Allez Sport 18 2011

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Im more used to off road and single track but have decided to take the plunge into road cycling after recently completing the London to Brighton. I currently have a Trek 6500 which is great off road but im missing something on the road.

Ive narrowed my choices down to either the Trek 1.2 Triple 2011 or Specialized Allez Sport 18 2011.

The Derailleur and shifters are the same but there are some other subtle differences. I guess it Specialized Vs Trek. Anyone out there got either of these or can give me a more expert opinion??

Any help and advice would be great.



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    I bought a Trek 1.2 in 2010. I was a beginner to road cycling coming from mountain biking.

    I had a choice between the Allez and the Trek and I went for the 1.2 triple. I have had Trek before and was happy buying again.

    One thing the LBS did mention which didnt matter to me but may to you if its relevant on the 2011 bike is that the Trek has eyelets for Mudguards for winter riding and the Allez doesnt.

    Other than that they are both great bikes and a lot more people on the forum talk about Allez's more than 1.2's.

    You are probably best sitting on them both as it may come to your own feeling of which bike is better as they are so closely matched.
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