Shimano and buying from a seller in Thailand.

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I have been up grading my spesh now and have some nice 105 5600 parts on it. the next candidate for an up grade is the Chainset.

I was thinking 105 once again but due to the cost I was going to compromise and get a Tiagra compact. I have now seen the correct ratio 105 compact from an Ebay seller based in Thailand which is £20 cheaper than the Tiagra item in the UK.

The seller has very good feedback. I am not too concerned about the item failing to arrive as I will purchase through Paypal. What I am concerned about is getting a cheap rip off.

Is Shimano stuff subject to counterfeiting or am I being a worrying unnecessarily?

Cheers chaps

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    I wouldn't take the risk personally just to save £20. Good feedback can be generated artificially.

    Merlin have the 105 5600 gs for £285 which strikes me as a bargain. OK, they are Italian BB, but a replacement stillonly nudges it past £300

    I can't imagine that a counterfeit Shimano groupset could be manufactured convincingly at a suitably low price though.
  • You are right off course. Having said that the difference of £20 is between a 105 item and a Tiagra. Like for like the 105 would be about £110 in the UK so the saving is more like £60 which starts to look attractive.

    Generally my view is that "if something looks to good to be true it generally is". However with Paypal as back up I figured I had little to worry about.

    Merlin are worth a look at that price. Cheers :D
    Hey, maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!
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    Clearly the OP has had little experience of obtaining a refund from Paypal and likewise, a fraudulent seller is going to use every means e.g. forged delivery notes etc to demonstrate that they don't need to give you a refund.
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    If it was my money I'd be buying the 5600 from Merlin, Ebay the Italian BB, and buy the cheapest English Hollowtech II I can find on the web.

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    A 105 5600 chainset is not 110 quid - ... aid:137781 40quid here for example, not a compact, but it's old tech you shouldn't be paying that much. Personally I doubt you'll see much of an upgrade anyway and I wouldn't bother at all.
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    Chainset, not groupset! Doh!

    Must learn to read posts properly before wading in.

    (still wouldn't buy stuff on Ebay from Thailand tho)
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    Dragon you have pm
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    OP could take a flight to Malaysia to Shimano to buy one there. I am sure they are very cheap :roll: .

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