New Wheels for Destitute Rider

enzo berzot
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My 6 year old LeMond Chambery came with Bontrager Race wheels and I've just noticed an alarming split in the metal running outwards from a spoke opposite the valve.
Tragically I also need a new chain and cassette so this looks like a bit of a cash outlay - hence........can anyone recommend a decent set of budget wheels?


  • The Spiderman
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    I`d take a look on Merlin cycles.Cheap set of Shimano R500s or similar would seem to be ideal for a tight budget.
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  • keef66
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    Was going to suggest the very same. Merlin / R500. £60 a pair; absolute bargain.
  • Excellent!
    Thanks for the pointers folks.
  • charliej
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    Just picked up a pair of Shimano RS10s from Ribble for about £84. From the 100 miles I've put in on them so far they are excellent. Light enough for me and spin up and climb much better than the set they replaced. Also seem pretty strong which is ideal for the horrible road surfaces around here :)