Whether to replace bottom bracket

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I had a creak recently in the bottom bracket of my ~20 year old Trek.

It turned out the BB was not screwed in tightly, once I did that, it was cured.

However, while I had the cranks off, I noticed that the BB spindle was turning quite roughly.

It's not too noticeable with the cranks on because of the much greater leverage.

So am thinking about replacing the BB, or really is it ok just to wait until there is a significant problem?

This isn't my "best" bike, so I'm not too concerned about a small loss of performance, but I wouldn't want to be stranded one day a long way from home if the BB failed suddenly.

Is this likely?


  • centimani
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    Ive never had one fail catastrophically, its usually a gradual process so i guess it'd be ok to ride and monitor it.