revolution bikes, and other similar money saving brands

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Have come across the revolution range of bikes (and equipment) by edinburgh bicycle co-op. they look really good for the money, and get good reviews!
Does anyone know of any other less well known bike manufacturers which are excellent value for money?


  • cyberknight
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    B`twin at Decathlon.

    In julys issue the have the £900 model on test in the french furies section.
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  • unixnerd
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    My Revolution tourer has been a fantastic bike. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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  • richk
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    I've got "value" (ie cheaper) bikes from both Edinburgh & Decathlon. Would happily go back to either. OK, I've had minor warranty issues with both (remember we're talking economy kit) but both were resolved speedily.
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