Saddle wear, how long should/do they last?

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Wasn't sure where to post this but I guess workshop is as good a place as any

I've got a Selle Italia G2 gel flow saddle. Pretty happy with it really and done maybe 3000 miles on it.

However the last few weeks I've noticed a pain that feels like it's my lower spinal bone, coccyx bone. It's a kind of dull ache like a bruise that I only notice after my rides.

Does a saddle wear out or loose it's shape so it's no longer supportive? I ride to and from work without padded shorts but that's never been a problem before.


  • nickwill
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    My last Fizik Arione did about 12000 miles before gong a bit soft. 3000 miles is nothing, I would expect a saddle to last much longer than that!.
  • Monty Dog
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    3000 miles = just 'broken in" The original Flite is wonderful in this respect - when new they were quite stiff, but after a while they would have a little more give. particularly aided by the titanium rails
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  • petemadoc
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    Hmmmm so why the new pain? Like I said it's only materialised over the last few weeks.

    Any ideas?
  • andrewjoseph
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    a saddle shouldn't be touching the coccyx. I suspect it's due to something else.

    The only time I have pain in that area due to riding, is when I've had an 'off' and the nose of the saddle has hit me.
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