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chainstay protector - necessary?

skinnygavskinnygav Posts: 50
edited July 2011 in Road buying advice
Hi all,

I am relatively new to road bikes, I ride a Canyon Ultimate AL which did come with a clear plastic chain stay protector. However, whilst riding, most bumps will cause the chain to strike the chainstay. There are no imperfections on the chainstay protector however I am worried about damaging the frame in the long term.

Would those more experienced recommend upgrading to a leather one or something else more substantial?




  • Berk BonebonceBerk Bonebonce Posts: 1,245
    If most bumps result in your chain hitting chainstay try reducing tyre pressures and riding over bumps rather than freewheeling or pedalling backwards.
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Personally, I wouldn't worry about it. I have a bike that is about 25 years old and it doesn't have some nice little piece of plastic on the chainstay, the frame's holding up quite well though. I do need to wipe it with baby wipes every now but the same goes for me :)

    I agree with the comments from berkbonce. You might also want to check your chain length (which is a dead easy thing to do, just measure the chainstay (axle to BB), note your gearing and then use this ... hcalc.html).
  • canamdadcanamdad Posts: 165
    I use clear "helicopter tape" on one bike and a Charge chainstay protector on another. Sometimes it's just not practical, particularly when descending a pot holed lane, to keep pedaling at the same time you're trying to brake!
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