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Freehub body - Shmano?

marco67marco67 Posts: 91
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Just fitted what I thought was a Shimano freehub body onto a Fulcrum 1 rear wheel. I'm hoping to sell the wheelset so thought I should just check it was OK and tried to put an old 9spd cassette on the freehub, but it would only slide on about 10mm and then stop - the freehub diameter increases.

Now i'm confused, because when I bought the bike it had an old 9spd DA groupset on it so assumed that the freehub was Shimano.

If it's not, and I know its definately not Campag - what is it?

Anyone help please.

Ciao Marco


  • Is the free hub a DA one? I think that they have higher than standard splines to stop cogs cutting into them, so if you're trying to fit non DA cogs they won't fit.
    Dolan Preffisio
    2010 Cube Agree SL
  • marco67marco67 Posts: 91
    Little bit of trawling t'internet and it seems that there are two Shimano freehub bodies. One is a DA that has raised splines so apparently only works with 10sp, the other is an 8, 9,10 sp HG that works with everything else.

    Thanks for that CarlosD
    Ciao Marco
  • Think I picked that useful nugget of information from Sheldon Brown
    Dolan Preffisio
    2010 Cube Agree SL
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