First Time Road Bike Advice

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I'm about to purchase my first road bike and am unsure which of the following is the best value in terms of performance and components. I have ridden the following and am leaning towards the Wilier model because of the components and quality carbon materials.

Can you provide some guidance - Am I making a good decision even though the bike is 3 years old?

2007 Wilier Mortirolo with Shimano Ultra SL and Mavic Aksium wheels, Rickey cockpit. The dealer is asking £1540.69.

2011 Trek Madone 4.5 WSD at £1182.75 and the 2011 Giant Defy 3 Advanced at £1245

Thank you!


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    Is the wilier new? As the spec you have listed is not standard (as far as i know) the price you quoted is what it was up for sale for in 2011
    The trek is a really good bike and a very good price, only one thing to be aware of is that it is a womens bike (your name doesn't give any clues as if that's a good thing or not!)
    Don't think they make a Giant Defy 3 Advanced this year so i'm guessing its a 2010 model.
    I test rode one of these last year and wasn't impressed at all very upright and soft but then it is made for comfort more than performance
    Personally I would go for a good aluminum frame with good gear on it rather than an entry level carbon bike with cheap parts