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Chaseskills or someone else for skills at Cannock Chase

bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
edited June 2011 in MTB buying advice
Just wondered if anyone had used ChaseSkills?

I'm a pretty competent rider, but am phased by steep, techy, rocky stuff (IE, all the black routes at on the Monkey at Cannock) and am not too confident when the wheels are off the ground, rollers are ok, but anything more jumpy is a bit dodgy. It's my birthday soon so I thought a skills day would be a better thing to ask for than some pointless bike bling :wink:

I was looking at the Advanced Trail Riding as I reckon that should cover what I want to do, as well as brushing up on my general riding skills that have just been learnt through trial and (painful) error.

So, skills courses in general? ChaseSkills? The 'advanced' Chase Skills course? Worth it? Good value for money?

Ta very muchly!

"As I said last time, it won't happen again."
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