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Another Cycling Computer gone.... and another thing...

Wallace1492Wallace1492 Posts: 3,707
edited June 2011 in Commuting chat
I left house with it there... arrived at work with it gone...
Think I heard it pop off, but assumed the noise was me pinging a small stone. Been through about 5 computers across my bikes in the last year and a half... Suppose I need another if I can't find it on way home.

Did have to use Tricross this morning as SS had a flat - I mean how does that happen? 2 weeks cycling on SS, tyres fine, used MTB yesterday as I went to Pollok Park for a play on the MTB circuits, the this morning the rear wheel on the SS as flat as a pancake...

On the brightside.... well yes it is on the brightside, which this summer is unusual for Glasgow!!
"Encyclopaedia is a fetish for very small bicycles"


  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    You can thank me for the good weather later. I'm working pretty much every waking minute atm so the weather is nice. As soon as I have some free time, it'll go back to being rubbish again.

    I swear, this year mother nature is taking the pi$$ from me :(
  • Oh no! You'll have to stop logging miles, as they're no longer verifiable and justified. My commiserations... :twisted:

    Also, I've been very impressed with my O-synce mini-save since I got it. Very sturdy mount for a very small 'pooter, can add a cadence sensor for buttons and works really well. The only down-side is that you have to wipe the memory in order to set the clock.
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