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brake calipers

Chris65Chris65 Posts: 41
edited June 2011 in Workshop
I got a new set of 105 brake calipers. However it looks like they sent two rear ones as the bolts are short.

I have a long brake nut from my old brakes and that seems to have enough reach to secure the front caliper.

Is this okay or should I return the brakes


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    If you've paid for a pair, F&R, then get in touch with the seller and get them to sort the problem out. Yes, your suggestion might work but this isn't your problem to solve.
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  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    If you have two rear calipers but go the DIY route you might want to check that the pads are the right way round, ie so they cannot come out of the holder under braking
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