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SRAM Force FD problem......

Simon1890Simon1890 Posts: 117
edited June 2011 in Workshop
Hi guys,

Got an annoying problem with my Force FD.
For a long time now i've notice that my shifting on the front is slow and in some cases a real problem. To begin with i assumed it was poor setup (by myself), which i'm sure was a contributing factor, however after a little investigation i found out what the issue really is:

As i tighten the bolt up (this is a braze-on FD) to secure it to the frame the FD 'pulls' so the rear end of the FD moves inwards towards the rear wheel. It's only slight, 3 to 5 mm, but means once tightened up it is not parrallel to the chainrings. This seems to be what is causing the shifting problem as if you hold the shifter parrallel it shifts like a dream...

Any ideas on how i can sort this as it's driving me mad, and in case you're wondering the FD is not bent in any way (that's been checked). The only thing i can think of is not tightening the bolt as tight, but i'm concerned it wouldn't be tight enough to hold it and would fail mid shift causing all sorts of issues!!

Hope the above makes sense.



  • StageWinnerStageWinner Posts: 202
    Can't you hold the mech straight WHILE you tighten it up?
  • Simon1890Simon1890 Posts: 117
    Can't you hold the mech straight WHILE you tighten it up?

    Yeah, tried and doesn't seem to help. If you hold it while tightening it up it's fine until you let go, then it moves.
  • StageWinnerStageWinner Posts: 202
    A photo might help folks diagnose your problem. Or just bend it to the location you need it in. I've done that in the past.
  • racingcondorracingcondor Posts: 1,434
    I'd borrow borrow a 105 braze on and see how straight that mounts.

    It's a difficult one though (I'm suddenly thankful of my banded version), Force front shifting is excellent when it's set up perfectly but the slightest misalignment can cause all sorts of problems.
  • mickenmicken Posts: 275
    Have you tried offsetting it by 3 to 5mm before tightening it to see if this then brings it into line?
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