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Tour De Ecosse

Wallace1492Wallace1492 Posts: 3,707
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Well, next Friday set off for the grand tour. Down from Glasgow to Ardrossan, quick lap of Arran, then back onto the mainland and up to Oban.

From there ferry out to Barra, then up to South Uist, Benbecula and Nort Uist. Interesting that South and North Uist have another island stuck inbetween them! From there ferry in to Skye and down and over the Bridge. Then we take on the rather undulating roads to Torridon (missing out the beast of a road to Applecross though!). Pass the gorgeous Loch Maree, and up through Altbea, Gareloch and on to Ullapool.

Last stretch up to Durness on very undulating roads. Personally I am then cycling back to Ullapool to make it 500 miles in a week. Carrying all our luggage including tents etc.

Hoping to raise a few bob in memory of a friends son who tragically died last year, so if you wish click on link below to donate!

I really hope we get a bit of decent weather..... its been rather on the damp side up here. 8)
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  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    Donation made. Good luck with the ride.
  • You needn't think I'm going to sponsor you to trample over me on the stats board. Get away with you! :lol:
  • Wallace1492Wallace1492 Posts: 3,707
    Your gap has increased..... but I will reel you in!! I hope....

    Cheers guys much appreciated!
    "Encyclopaedia is a fetish for very small bicycles"
  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,386
    On Barra, heading up the east coast is the shorter route but very hilly. Also very scenic though.
    Heading up the west coast is longer but flatter and nearly as scenic. Neither route is long as it is such a wee island (14 miles all round?).
    Following the ferry from Barra to Eriskay you go over the Sound of Eriskay and head west to Pollachar. A wee detour (1 mile round trip? If that) will take you to the Pollacher Inn.
    I thouroughly recommend the fishcakes for lunch there as the best I have had in any restaurant in the world!
    Likewise a wee detour on arrival to Harris will take you to Rodel. The prawn salad there has to be seen to be believed! As I remember it, it contained 6 full sized langoustines as opposed to the usual wee pink things usually served up - and that is only a starter!

    Have fun and I hope the sun gods are shining on you!
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  • Wallace1492Wallace1492 Posts: 3,707
    Cheers daviesee. I know Barra, been there before although the constant pouring rain was a bit of a hinderence! Not sure what route we will take, proabbaly west coast as it will be late and we will be heading for campground near ferry to Eriskay - although I hear that you can no longer camp at the "Airport".

    Been in the Pollacher Inn, and it is lovely, though did not taste the food there, we just had a pint on our way south. Probably be there too early for lunch - first ferry to Eriskay from Barra. Missing out Harris, as we getting Lochmaddy to Uig and heading round Skye, just to as to add to the miles and get in the magnificent Torridon and Loch Maree roads.

    Won't mind a wee bit of rain, but pleeeeease not full on downpour for a week!
    "Encyclopaedia is a fetish for very small bicycles"
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