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SCOTT Speedster S20 or Boardman Team Carbon

tjm73tjm73 Posts: 16
edited June 2011 in Road beginners
decisions, decisions...............I've been looking at all sorts lately and have finally decided to either get the boardman team carbon or SCOTT speedster S20!!!! Are there any opinions on either of the 2? The SCOTT has full 105 kit from what I can seebut the boardman doesn't and I believe SCOTT frames are meant to be pretty good and the SCOTT is only 1.5lbs heavier......................I am leaning towards the SCOTT but am looking for a good reason not too I guess as I am not the most clued up on bikes


  • to be fair, it i was to choose between the 2 i'd go for the Boardman....

    much much better wheels and full carbon frame
  • hubcaphubcap Posts: 163
    I can't comment on the Boardman as I've never ridden one but I have a Speedster and reckon it's a pretty good bike. It's pretty stiff and responsive but the ride isn't too harsh at all. Agree that the stock wheels are pretty poor but if you upgrade these to something like RS80's, Fulcrum Racing 3's or Mavic's you've got yourself a pretty nice ride.
  • Keith1983Keith1983 Posts: 575
    I'm sure you've thought of this but ttry get a test on both and go from there.
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