A Wheel Difference.

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For anyone thinking of upgrading their wheels. After giving up smoking in January, I bought a gourd for sticking away £2 coins and any money I may have spent on the lousy weed so as I could treat myself to some new wheels. Well I took a hammer to the gourd and woohoo £600+! Felt great knowing that it was money that would have been wasted on cigs. So I promptly ordered some Dura Ace 7900 C24 from Merlin, very impressed with their service too. Put the new wheels on yesterday, hoping to notice a marked difference from the Mavic Aksiums I have been on. Tried them out straight away on my road and must admit I was not blown away immediately. Went out today though for a lovely hilly 50 mile loop and.. oh yes, I really noticed why they cost a bit more than the Aksiums.
There is a certain hill on this ride that has always beat me, averages about 10% but bits of it are probably 15-16%. Well today I coasted up it. Now I am sure there was a bit of a phsycological effect, as in " I've paid £580 for these, they better be worth it!". The thing I really noticed though was that every pedal stroke seemed to be rewarded, my momentum never seemed to fade as it does with the Aksiums, also felt a lot easier on the flat parts too. Sorry to go on but I am well chuffed that giving up smoking has improved my cycling in more ways than one. God what would a £2000 set of wheels feel like? Time to start saving again!