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Just purchased a road bike

mickyc1mickyc1 Posts: 37
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Hello all

I have just got a road bike from Ron Spencers local bike shop it was a Giant Defy 2 loverly bike.
Anyway i am intrested in any review regarding what i bought and wondered if there were any local lads who i could maybe ride with in the warrington area.

I have been using my mountain bikes to try and keep fit Giant f/s & Genesis h/tail around my area but unfortunatly its hard going sometimes on the road on a mountain bike .

This was one of the reasons why i bought the bike but also intrested in road bike riding.
I have purchased some shoes / spd and lycra which i am only used to the baggy shorts if you get me lol.

Anyway look foward to some pointers that may help me out or anyone local that i could join up with thanks in advance mike.


  • mr_pollmr_poll Posts: 1,612
    Welcome to the Bikeradar and lycra.

    There is a group called North Cheshire Clarion who ride in your area, they seem to get some good comments and have a decent following, could be worth a look - I live to far away to have ever ridden with them so cannot speak from personal experience but anecdotally you could do a lot worse.
  • MountainMonsterMountainMonster Posts: 7,423
    Congratulations on the wise purchase! Enjoy the lycra world, and enjoy the fitness rise.
  • mickyc1mickyc1 Posts: 37
    mr poll

    Yes i have just bookmarked there webby cheers m8
  • I live in your area and just got my first road bike, wilier escape, just got my spd's, shoes etc and would be interested to know some good routes and someone to ride with, give me a shout.
  • mickyc1mickyc1 Posts: 37
    PM Sent
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