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New from west sussex!

creamsodaukcreamsodauk Posts: 63
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Well iv been back into bike now for about 2 months so its time to delve in deeper with my new passion and soak up some info and guidance!!

Jumped on my old bike (some duff squeaky Raleigh) and started to get back into riding after many years of no exercise and boy was it tuff.

A few weeks ago i saved up and went bike shopping, Halfords first then on to Evans cycles where i fell in love with my 2011 Specailized Hardrock disc bike.

I have put in around 100 miles in the 5-6 weeks i have had it now, as im using it too get fit (started off in January at 140kg and im now just under 100!!) and the more i ride the more i love it! i even tagged along on the london to brighton from my house and managed to cycle up ditchlin beacon without stopping (may have done some damage too the bike tho, il start a topic on that another time)

So anyway hello to all you fellow minded riders, i look forward to reading up on maintaining and upgrading my bike and meeting some friendly local faces maybe?

kris :D



  • belugabobbelugabob Posts: 158
    Hi Kris,

    Welcome to the wacky, wheeled world of mountain biking.

    As you're in West Sussex, you might want to check out Sussex [email protected] as they're a freindly bunch.
    An added bonus is that the club ride, this month, starts from Ditchling, which sounds as if it's right in your back yard.

    Well done with the weight loss - keep it up.


    If you didn't learn anything today, you weren't paying attention!
  • hi thanks for the link, looks like a good group of people! been out for a couple of hours today doing local trails and such

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