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Hi all,

I'm looking into buying a cannondale super six and was wondering if any owners could help me out with sizing. I'm 5'11'' with 32.5'' inseam. I currently ride a size 56 specialized allez. When I visited a local cannondale dealer, he recommended a size 54 super six, saying they come up bigger than specialized bikes but when I got home I checked the geometry charts and the top tube on the cannondale is 54.5 compared to 56.5 on the specialized.

My specialized is very comfortable but I don't have very much drop from the seat to handlebars as, given my shortish legs, there isn't all that much seatpost showing. Having briefly sat on a 54 super six in the shop, the position would be quite a lot racier. Any advice would be appreciated!


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    Sorry to hi jack the thread, but was about to post article with same title.
    Im wanting to know what size an M/L is in the supersix as one has appeared for sale near me. Im 5 8 and currently on a 54 Spesh Allez Elite.
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    Got a feeling they measure the top tube slightly differently on the Cannondales. I'm 5' 10" with a 32" in seam. The 54 Cannondale was perfect for me, once I'd shifted the saddle forward a notch.

    Obviously, the best bet is to ride one and see.
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    Thanks, yeah they do have a 54 test bike so I'll try and sort a test ride.
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    I'm 5ft 11.5in with a 35in inside leg, I ride a 56 SuperSix.
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    Five nine with 32in inseam and I found the 54cm to be a perfect fit. Not much seat post visible but very similar size wise to my previous S Works 54cm and my Seven. They might LOOK big because the TT doesn't slope like most 2011 framesets.
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    5ft 11 with a 33" leg and found the 56,to be a good fit when I tried one recently.
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    5ft 11 with a 33" leg and found the 56,to be a good fit when I tried one recently.
    I'm very simillar (just half an inch taller) - the 56" seems to allow a bit of adjustment either way for stretch & saddle height - I like a fairly aggressive set-up:

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I was out on my specialized today and if anything I think my stem could be slightly longer as the hub of the front wheel isnt fully obscured by the handlebar - I believe it should be?

    I guess I'll just have to sit on both a 54 and a 56 to see what feels right.
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    Hi All,
    I have a 52cm Allez and thinking of taking a SuperSix for a test ride.
    I'm 5'4" and not sure whether to go for 50cm or 52cm in the Cannondale. Any advise gratefully appreciated...
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    6ft with 32" inside leg.....I tried a six yesterday for size......I liked it, it certainly felt bigger than my 56 madone, but the 54 Cannondale, just felt a touch too small.......
    I would have to say I am probably a 55 in cannondale sizes.......I know they do not make one, but you may have to try both 54 & 56 to see which you can live with, or another bike which fits you better?
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    5'11'' and I should be getting my CAAD10 size 54 on Saturday. I understand they are the same geo and the 56 was def a tad too big.

    I ride a large Look 595 and a medium Giant Defy! Both are v comfy.
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    Brommers mentions the caad10, which I understand is the same geometry as the super six.

    I know the caad8 is different, but how is the this the same as the caad10 & super six?