Problem with computer cadence

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I've just bought a new bike computer (a Sigma Rox 9.0) and am having trouble fitting the cadence sensor. The problem is that I have thick chainstays and the gap between them and my cranks is pretty minimal (I have a Wilier Gran Tourismo). If I position the magnet on the inside of my crank it knocks against the base of the sensor. I've tried mounting it on the top of the crank and although the gap between sensor and magnet is a lot less than the maximum 12mm stated in the handbook the sensor doesn't detect the magnet at all when I pedal. When so mounted, the "side" of the magnet passes the instead of the "top". Could I simply attach a thin magnet which would fit better between crank and chainstay? Or does anyone have a better idea?


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    neilo23 Posts: 783
    Just in case anyone was about to write something, don't. I've located my brain and realised that the sensor works upside. Under the chainstays, where there's enough to attach a cow.