shim/campy compatibility issue

Kiddy Dan
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so, im having a bit of trouble here getting good reliable infomation, i am getting the following things and i am really worried that they will not be compatible, which bits would i need to change to make it compatible, considering i am on a budget?

campagnolo xenon 9 spd shifters - don't change - £40
shimano tiagra 9 spd RD - £26
shimano tiagra hg50 9 speed 12-25 cassette - already owned

I can't afford to change the shifters, i am paying £40 for them which to my knowledge is very cheap and changing to shimano would cost me over £120


  • John.T
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    Without going into the ways to mix Campag and Shimano, which some find work OK and others do not, I would recommend not trying to mix at all. Chain-sets will work with either but mechs and shifters need to be matched. Your rear wheel also needs to have the correct free-hub fitted.
    The reason for incompatibility is the cable pull is different between the makes and also the cassette spacing and width. Also the cassette splines differ.
    There are ways round this but as you needed to ask the question you would probably have trouble sorting them.
  • Kiddy Dan
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    would using a shiftmate attachment help me in this situation, with these parts? OR if i changed the rear mech to a campy 9 speed would it work then or are there still those issues of spacing?
  • John.T
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    Shiftmates come for various options. You could probably get one for the set up you suggested or one for use with the Campag rear mech and Shimano cassette. I have never used one and would not want to as I consider them a bit of a bodge.
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  • sheffsimon
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    I used Campag 9 speed shifters and rear changer for a long time on a Shimano 9 spd cassette - worked OK - just align the derailleur spot on for the middle sproket on the cassette and it shifts OK.

    I only changed it cos the rim wore out so I got a new wheel with a Campag splined hub and cassette. Doesn't shift noticeably better TBH.
  • jejv
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    John.T wrote:
    There are ways round this but as you needed to ask the question you would probably have trouble sorting them.

    If you can say a bit more about the whole project - for example what other parts you have already, what you are trying to do, it may be possible to be more helpful.